First post, ayyy

I suppose it was about time I actually posted something here (and now I actually have something to write about). I'll write an intro post sometime soon as well.

I went shopping with my aunt (who is the same age as me and a very good friend of mine), Marthe, before we went to the opera to watch a play. I wasn't supposed to go, but her teacher gave me a leftover ticket, so I got to see it too. It was quite interesting, and absolutely not what I'd expected (I thought it was a ballet haha).

Here are the things that I bought, all from Gina Tricot.

Haha I know it looks completely retarded on photo like this, but it's really comfy and cool irl.

In a week I'm leaving for Tokyo together with Marthe, Chao and my best friend. Can't believe it's this soon! I probably won't realise I'm going before I land at Narita (as usual), haha.
I'll come home again January 4th, so it's not going to be a long stay (but it's better than nothing). On the 22nd we're going to Itou-san's school to meet his classmates and help them with their English class, then on the 23rd we'll try to go to the Miyazaki museum (Totoro haha). On the 26th we're going to see the GazettE in Tokyo Dome, and on the 28th (I think?) we're going to see Plastic Tree!
I'm quite sure it'll be a fantastic trip this time around as well. I'll try to blog some, but I can't promise anything. If worst comes to worst, I'll just write about it when I come home again.